실리콘 러버히터의 용도






Product Introduce
1. The heater is a flexible, thin and flat heating element that could be used in place of metallic heaters
ㆍIt consists of two sheets, Each sheet onsists of two(upper and lower)glass cloths whichare calendered with silicone rubber.
ㆍIt has high thermal response, since it is a thin sheet type.(standard thickness:1.5mm)
ㆍIt will be perfectly fitted to heated objects with curved surfaces or cylindrical shape, sinceit has high flexibility.
ㆍGenerally, the main component of flat heating element is carbon, The heater, however,
   uses paterned nickel alloy resistant wires which can be more safely used.

2. The heater can be made into your ideal shape.
ㆍDifferently from general carbon type heaters, the design can be made to fit to the shape ofheated obhect, for example,
   in a round, or triangle, with or without hole(s).
ㆍOur patented method makes us possible to deliver even one heater in a short term.

3. The heater could be designed with your creative sense of heat for the development of new products.
ㆍThe heter have been used as parts for equipment and facilities in various industries.
ㆍThe thin and flexible sheet type heater is ideal for lightening and miniaturizing.
※The thermal controller is necessary for the heater, since its temperature rising is fastbut has no self thermal control.

4. The Heater Standard type. E type, MG type, MG type can be continuously and semipermanently used at 200℃.
ㆍIt can be adhered easily to a heated object.100℃ or below duble side adhesive tapes100℃ ~ 150℃ silicone adhesives(RTV)
ㆍIntergrated baking processing at our factory is recommended for continuous use at 150℃or over.

5. The Heater H type can be semipermanently used at 300℃
ㆍIt can be adhered easily to a heated object.
ㆍWe have 300℃ heat resistant adhesives KE3418RTV(B) by Shin-Etsu Chemical in stock.